HP 4000


4000 will not laser generate the 4-Up Quad Box

This is usually caused by a problem with the printer driver PCL6 . HP introduced a number of new printers in the last few years, the HP 4000 is one of these printers. The minimum driver installation installs PCL 6, which is not compatible with our programs. Go into the printers folder and select the PCL5e driver for the HP4000 printer and set it as default. If the PCL5e in not in the  printers folder do the following:
To install the correct driver you will need  the pinkish colored CD-ROM from HP and perform the following*
 Using Windows Explorer browse the CD. If your operating system is WIN 95 or 98 then double click on the
Win95 folder
Double Click on the Disk 1 folder and double click on Setup.exe (or Setup)
Skip the Internet Install
Select the Customer install
Select your printer from the list (e.g. HP 4000  TN)
Select LPT1 if the printer is connected to your computer or if the printer is connected         through a printer network
select the appropriate printer.
At the list of check boxes check only HP LaserJet PCL5e Driver and uncheck the other boxes
* The PCL5e driver LJ622EN.EXE may also be downloaded (see HP 5 & 6 Series above)

If the HP CD is not available  and you can not get to the internet to install the PCL5e driver a workaround is  to install the HP LaserJet 4 driver (not the 4l, 4M, or 4V), this driver is on  the Windows 95 & 98 CD if it is not already installed in your computer.