General Information


 Is there a help manual I can print out?

 Access context-sensitive help screens via the F1 key can be printed out on each subject. There is no manual which includes all area's of he program, each section will need to be printed out individually.

Do I have to order the software every year?

Yes, you must purchase software for each new year. Each year new laws or changes are made to tax forms that must be changed within our program. We are in contact with the SSA/IRS throughout each year to make sure our program meets government specifications.  The only way to insure your program is current is for you to purchase a new program each year. During the year if there are updates you will be able to update your program through Internet Updates. 

I need to make a correction to a form.

If you have not mailed your forms out to your employees/recipients, or mailed the W-3/1096 to the IRS/SSA you can change your forms by doing the following:                                                                              If you have printed the W-3 or 1096 you will need to Void the form and reset the print session before proceeding.    To Reset Session

1. On the toolbar select the W3/1096 tab and the Generate W-3 or 1096 icon.
2. At the Completed Form W-3/1096 Print Session List highlight the W-3/1096 print session and click the "Reset (Void) W-3/1096" button.    RESET W3/1096 PRINT SESSION SAMPLE SCREEN
3. TFP 20.10/LaserLink/TaxRight prompts, "Are you sure you want to void this transmittal?" Click "Yes" to proceed.              4. You will then select the CREATE/PRINT FORMS tab. If you need to reprint the entire list of employees/recipients select the PRINT TAX icon. You will need to reset the Print Session for all the forms. RESET PRINT SESSION SAMPLE SCREEN

If you have mailed your information to the IRS/SSA you will need to file a corrected 1099 or W2 with the IRS/SSA and the employee/recipient.  To do this for a 1099 you will Void out the 1096 as described above, then you will select the Create/Print Forms tab, then the form you are working on from the pull down menu, then select Browse, Enter & Edit Tax Forms icon. To the right you will see all your recipients listed.  Highlight the name of the recipient you need to change and RIGHT CLICK, the screen will give you 3 options, you will select CHANGE FORM.  The PROTECTED FORM box will come up, select RESET TO PENDING, you will be asked "Are you are sure you want to the?", you will answer "YES" . Your form will be resent to pending and you can now make any changes you need to make, print the form just as before and run your new 1096. This time you will tag the new 1099 MIS file you have just completed. You will need to manually mark the "Corrected" box at the top of the new 1099 form, the program will not mark it. Mail the forms to the recipient and the IRS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         W-2 forms, you will need to file a W-2C and W-3C with the SSA. Neither TFP, Laser Link or TaxRight have the ability to file a W-2C or W-3C you will need to do this manually.

How do I void a form if I need to?

At the Browse, Enter & Edit screen highlight a record and click "Change" to access the Protected Form Update Options screen. Click the "Void the Form" button.  The software prompts, "Are you sure you want to do this?" Click "Yes" to void the record.

Minister does not have SS OR MEDICARE withheld from pay?

Open your program and select the FILE pull down menu in the upper right had corner. Next select PROGRAM PREFERENCES.  Select the tab marked W-2 Specific options, then uncheck the box marked CALCULATE AND FILL IN SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE ON W-2. The program now will tab over this field without filling in the FICA and MEDICARE information.  You will not be allowed to put 00.00 in the field, as the IRS requests that fields that have a null value be left blank.  If you have other employees that do need to have the fields calculated all you need to do is press the CALC button on the bottom of the W2 screen.

The program keeps telling me I need a Payer Type what does that mean?  I have employees who are 941, 943, Military, Household Employees, Medicare Government Employees or CT-1 employees, how do I enter this?

Go to the tab marked GENERAL OPTIONS.  Select FILER and select the filer you need to change.  Click on CHANGE button at the bottom of the screen. Once the filer information is showing you will see 4 tabs at the top:                                GENERAL   STATE I.D. NUMBER(S)   W2 SPECIFIC INFORMATION   Visual/Print Options                Select the W-2 Specific Information and choose which one(s) apply to your employees.  You should select these for each filer, select only those that will apply, uncheck those that do not apply. 943 is one of these choices.



Once you have purchased the Laser Link software you will install the program just as you did TFP 20.10.  When the screen 'ROLLING FORWARD Previous years data' appears you will select the box marked 'YES'   Then select BROWSE.           Go to : C:\Tax\TFP2009\Data    Double click on the Data folder, this will take you back to the ROLLING FORWARD Previous years data screen, select NEXT

The program will then tell you that TFP Previous years data/ Laser Link/TaxRight Previous years data was found. You will then select the box next to Copy Previous years Filers & Recipients and click NEXT. Your files are ready to rollover.

Once the program has installed you will be prompted to "Rollover LaserLink data to Previous year" select ROLL FORWARD NOW. Screen will tell you they have be successfully rolled forward, select OK and complete your installation.  Your files have been transferred.